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Governor Herbert Vetoes Controversial Constitutional Carry Handgun Bill

Posted Friday, March 22nd 2013 @ 12pm  by Talk Radio 105.7 FM / 570 AM

It's one thing to support a controversial bill.

But its something entirely different for state lawmakers to vote to override a governor's veto.

That's the decision facing Utah House and Senate members, after Governor Gary Herbert announced his veto of the new Constitutional Carry law, which was to do away with our state's concealed carry handgun permit.

Under the provision, any Utah resident -- over age 21, with no legal or mental restrictions -- would be allowed to carry a concealed gun, with no training or state permit.

In announcing his veto, the governor said the current Utah permit law is effective and has become a model that's used nationwide.

The Constitutional Carry bill passed both the House and Senate with two-thirds majorities...the number of votes required to override a veto.

But lawmakers must now cast those same votes again, to supercede the governor's wishes.

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